Get it Right the First Time:

How to Choose the Right Filter for Your System


Measuring for your Filter

  • When measuring your filter, most sizes are standard. A 16” X 25” filter actually measures slightly smaller usually 15.5” x 24.5”. Some brands may vary slightly. however all fit in the same 16” x 25” cabinet.
  • When you have a 1” furnace filter, a merv 7-8 or a carbon filter is recommended (changed every 3 months). Why? The higher the merv rating the more difficult it is for your furnace to push the air through. A 1” filter has very little surface area for the air to pass through and less and less air will be able to pass as it becomes dirty. If you decide it is necessary to use a merv 11-13, it is recommended this filter be changed monthly to protect your HVAC equipment from extensively over-working or breaking down.
  • A 4” filter has more than 400% more surface area than a 1’ thus allowing the air to pass through easily. For this filter, a merv 11 is recommended for the best balance of efficiency and air cleaning properties (change every 3-6 months)
  • If you utilize a merv 13, it is recommended this be replaced every 2-3 months.
  • If you choose to utilize a merv 8, this will be the most efficient option for energy consumption and the filter can be effective for 6-8 months.
  • We do not recommend filters lower than a merv 7 for HVAC equipment. Low merv filters are used primarily as pre-filters or temporary construction filters. They can also be used for fresh air intakes for mechanical rooms or other commercial applications where air quality and equipment protection is not a concern.
  • Installation

    Changing your air filter is simple and can be completed by following these guidelines:

  • Air filters are located at the based or directly to the side of your furnace.
  • Be sure to turn off your furnace by turning off the thermostat or service switch. This will prevent dirt from falling off the filter and being drawn into the furnace during the filter change.
  • Find the arrow on the filter and point this toward the furnace to insert. The direction of placement of the filter is for strength against the airflow. Note: It is not a concern if inserted backwards – it will still function but may need changing earlier as long as it is changed before the expiry date noted on the filter. This is most important on 1’ filters as they are not as strong as 4” filters.